8MMM Aboriginal Radio

8MMM Aboriginal Radio

Produced by Princess Pictures & Brindle Films

Welcome to Alice Springs’ own 8MMM Aboriginal Radio. It’s a station in constant plight, a station that’s more a vibrant member of the community than a building. And just like Alice Springs itself, it’s a station where black and white mingle to create a place that is anything but black and white.

Alice Springs-based Aboriginal radio station 8MMM has been infiltrated by the dreaded 3Ms of Central Australia – Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits. Well-meaning whitefellas who will save your soul, steal your assets and usurp your culture, all in the name of helping you out. At 8MMM, blackfellas and whitefellas must work together to make the station a success. But with meager funding and serious social and political issues to bring to light, 8MMM’s staff encounters misunderstandings and ignorance at every turn. And that’s just within the building. Saving Aboriginal people from themselves is hard work, but “Closing the Gap” has never been funnier.


Directed by Dena Curtis

Produced by Rachel Clements, Anna Cadden and Patricia Morton-Thomas

6 x 30 minute television series for broadcast on ABC TV.

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