Sperm Donors Anonymous

Sperm Donors Anonymous

Directed by Lucy Paplinska

Produced by Lisa Horler

Sperm Donors Anonymous is a cautionary and inspiring tale about the effects of anonymous sperm donation on donor-conceived children, their families and on the sperm donors themselves.


Myf, Michael, Jeff and Ross were conceived in the 1970s using anonymous donor sperm. All four grew up thinking their dad was their biological father, only to discover in adulthood they were donor-conceived. Sharing a desire to uncover the truth about their donor father and their genetic heritage, their search for answers is hampered by old promises to donors that they would remain anonymous. Faced with this obstacle, they are inventive in their efforts to find out what they can, and searching yields some very surprising results. Sperm Donors Anonymous lifts the lid on donor anonymity, looks at the effects on the donor-conceived, their families, and on the sperm donors themselves - and shows what is possible when the truth is told.

Produced by Sensible Films

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Broadcast: ABC TV Tuesday 18th August 9.20pm